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1 Comments Dog & owner - 2006-07-21 12:35:04

Again, I should take the camera out more often. (But the sand and water from what I do most at the moment - swimming - aren't very good for his health.)

10 days off was fun. Best performances were Johannes Heil and Alexander Kowalski (Live Streaming of those artist can be found on the Mine site.) Best artist I did not see, was My Robot Friend.

A picture of Sophie and I at the 10 days off event can be found at the site, to be more precise, it's located here. Which picture it is exactly, you may look for yourself. (Hint: For once, our dresses seemed to match. =d) Photo quality = zero, but if you had seen the camera she was shooting with, you wouldn't be supprised. Besides that it's overexposed (about 1 meter distance between us and that horrible flash) and the composition sucks; a part of Fie's arm seems missing and mine has grown to a gigantic size. Yeah, well. =d

And totally unexpected Das and Raf where there too. Raf I don't see often anymore (read: almost never) so that was a very pleasent supprise. He's someone that's trustable and has a great taste in music. A combination you don't find that often. ;)

1/13 sec
f 5
18 mm
Flash: Not Fired
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