BMW's sexy ass
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201 Comments BMW's sexy ass - 2006-08-29 11:44:53


Dear Mr. (yes I'm always that polite if I need something :d), do you happen to have my lost text in your feedreader? =/ had still some of the text:

I was going to photograph my car. Really! But then there was this sexy behind of a BMW Z3 with a nice reflection. As the Egg looks like a eighty year old with cellulite compared to the Z3’s smooth and – at least – well proportioned curved ‘butt’, I just couldn’t resist.

'Financial management', quite a big name for something that's just accounting. So the theory examination went well. And then there was ...

Reconstruction of the rest of the post:
Some stuff about ProAcc en not being able to adjust VAT rates. Dismissable. :d

I gehe auch auf blogcom: codename calimero and that I was going to force Andy aka Crowolf to come too, so there'd be at least one person I know IRL. Other bloggers I think that should join:

  • Mr. WereldkeukenOogsnoep: So he can make some photographic coverage entitled 'the belgian blogosphere: the butts'.
  • Kris VDV: I would love to meet the person behind that amazing photoblog (and he might be able to explain to me how to get those darn technorati tags working on pixelpost.)
  • Mr. Flawijn: I was going to steal his memory card and take credit for his photographs.
  • Lord CMS: To chase the evil mosquitos away if there are any.

Crowolf's post about the blogcom meeting made me think about what where the past meetings that I did. Here's the list:

  • #kasterlee on A long time ago, if I remember correctly we went to Sunparks twice, hooked up in Turnhout for a movie, went bowling, ...
  • The first official meeting was at the Efteling I assume, but by then everybody knew almost everybody already from bumping into them at parties.
  • Worthmeet Europe)
  • The photographers wanted to go to the Artis zoo but the illustrators and PS-peepz (and thus the majority) wanted to just sit, talk and drink. But we did photograph the RLD at night (and I had a enormous hangover in the morning). =d A typical W1K memorablia as created by one of W1K's photoshop goeroes DeadElvis. From left to right: ufosgalore, nicky666 ,Furitsu ,DeadElvis, XXXXXPP, Ankabout, a friend of Ankabout (I'm not in it because I took the original photo.) If interested in their PS, illustration or photography work, you can check their profiles here.

1/320 sec
f 6.3
55 mm
Flash: Not Fired
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