Mosquito Alarm
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59 Comments Mosquito Alarm - 2006-09-01 02:13:37

When turning on my bed lamp to avoid tripping over something, this is what I got see: my wall was invaded by mosquitos. Geeh, do these low-lifeforms that can hardly be called animals at all, suddenly got something that resembles a memory?

"Food was nice there yesterday, let's sit on that wall and wait until the food gets from behind her computer and goes to sleep."
"Ow, so you too think that 1984 is a great year for O negative?"
"Yeah, I like that palate of caffeine to it."

So the fact that I postponed 'going to sleep' shouldn't suprise you. I think I'm going to fall back on the 'starve them to death' plan again and switch rooms.

Examination today: don't ask

Examination tomorrow: all sorts of things about Pittstop, certified PDF, etc.

Useful thingie done today: I 'fixed' Andy Frey's Pixelpost blog today. Y'all hear that? Iphi gave CSS support! Where's this world heading to, I'm wondering. (And hoping that the direction this world is going, does not include mosquitos.) :D

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f 8
55 mm
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