Carnaval Love
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69 Comments Carnaval Love - 2006-03-04 14:25:08

Aren't they cute? And (s)he was really really really wearing some naughty underwear. :D

I don't get it. I just think my mom is angry towards the whole world, and as I am part of that world, I can't do anything right anymore. So why still even bother?

About this photoblog a question arouses: Dutch, English or both? At first, the non-Dutch speaking peepz complained that they couldn't understand a word of it (Although some found 'zijkapellen' an amazing word) and I changed it to Dutch & English. But sometime's it was hard to give an accurate translation so I decided to just put everything (including spelling mistakes and grammatical errors) in English (besides the navigation because that isn't that hard to understand). Now my boss is complaining he can't understand it. Back to Dutch? Or Dutch and English? Or should I just be happy that he can't understand everything? On the other hand, he's paying me so I can pay for my photography gear. :D

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1/50 sec
f 5.6
55 mm
Flash: Not Fired
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