Roadkill Teddy
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102 Comments Roadkill Teddy - 2006-06-16 14:14:23

Today this poor little bastard was run over on the Lichtaartseweg in Olen. Normally I don't stop to photograph roadkill, but this teddy seemed to be - although in critical condition - still alive. What's happening to our world when people abandon not only their pets, but also their teddy's on the side of the road? At the moment Teddy is unable to tell me who his rightful owner is, I guess he's still suffering from the shock. When his concussion is healed, I'm going to put him in the washing machine. If you think you know Teddy, or you can tell me more about his owner, don't hesitate to contact me. I might return him to his owner, if he or she promises to take better care of him in the future. Teddy is about 30 centimeters tall with black eys and a grey/pink fur and is holding a carrot.

Besides that, yesterday was 'bad luck' day.

Suddenly the police was ringing at our door, asking me of that car in the middle of the road was mine. Forgot to pull the hand break. Well, luckily my stephdad's car wasn't parked behind mine as usual. Besides that I went to the library to get 'statistics for dummies' only to find that the whole 'statistics' section that should normally be under sciences and then maths was and still is missing. 'Should we let you know when we find it?' (How the f*ck can you loose and entire book section!?) 'No thank you, my examination is tomorrow.' Ow, and yesterdays examination was at 1PM, not 3 PM as I thought. And I cleaned out a whole village (troops dead, residence demolished), had a senator ready, but not enough culture points. Pfff. (But I'm still better off then Teddy.)

1/500 sec
f 5.6
18 mm
Flash: Not Fired
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