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11 Comments my boss - 2006-07-01 23:31:19

So I was a little drunk too. Drunk enough to not realise this would have turned out much more acceptable if I shot it on an automatic program. Well, that's live. So I don't claim any artistic qualities for this photograph. And yes, at that moment I did think that the pole was parellal with the photoframe.

Anyway, this is one of my two bosses. Pole dancing.

Did you guys notice me neglecting this photoblog a bit? Well, I'm going to quit doing that. :d The speedserver ends in about 6 hours, so I'll have to anyway. ;)

The stats:

Travian stats:
rank: 54/7289
attack: 17/7289 (that's 95812 units killed)
defense: 250/7289 (can't help it if nobody wants/dares to attack me)
number of villages: 17 (of which 6 conquered)
population: 11912 (all 100% loyal)
alliance: P.E. (padrone elite), rank 3/830 (but mentally I'm stil a Ragnarokian)

1/3 sec
f 5
18 mm
Flash: Not Fired
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